Specials at Spa Emilia 

Our new summer special - Lemongrass Green Tea Spa Pedicure! Call us at (312) 951-7415 to schedule an appointment or email us at spa@spaemilia.com 

Lemongrass Benefits: 

Step up your skin care routine with lemongrass - it's not just for cooking!

-Antibacterial and anti-fungal

-A great cleanser: helps detoxify and clean skin

-Pain relief: helps calm and soothe muscles, promotes circulation

-Mood balancing: its bright and uplifting scent lightens things up when you're feeling bogged down or stressed. In aromatherapy it's used to boost self-confidence


Lavender is in the air at Spa Emilia! Introducing our newest spring special: Lavender Spa Pedicure! Call us at (312) 951-7415 or email spa@spaemilia.com to schedule an appointment. 

 Lavender Benefits:

 When you hear the word 'lavender,' you might think of a lighter shade of purple. But there's more to this herb than just its color. In fact, lavender is commonly used for medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Here is a list of some of the ways lavender is used:

-Soothes and rejuvenates the skin especially on dry, itchy eczema-prone skin

-Contains powerful anti-bacterial properties 

 -Promotes deeper sleep 

-Relieves stress and promotes relaxation 

 -Relieves fatigue and sore muscles

 -Freshens and purifies the air