Products available at Spa Emilia

Baby Foot exfoliant foot peel
Baby Foot is designed to gently remove unwanted dead skin cells, while at the same time, exfoliating and moisturizing your feet. In all, this process will leave the skin feeling smooth and soft as a baby’s foot!
The Baby Foot Moisturizing Foot Mask is a non-peel treatment designed to keep the feet hydrated and soft. It is best to use it after the Baby Foot Peel when the peeling is finished or between treatments to maintain soft and smooth feet. 
Institut Esthederm Paris skin care products 
Institut Esthederm products leave skin feeling revitalized and refreshed! With the perfect balance of mineral salts and other elements, its skin-friendly formulas help protect the skin from ageing and environmental factors. 
HEIDI'S creams and solutions 
HEIDI’S creams and solutions are designed to treat a variety of skin problems such as dryness, cracked heels, and more. All of HEIDI’S products are enriched with cottonseed, lanolin, oil of cashmere and soy that will guarantee results in 3-7 days!
iPanema sandal and flip flop collection from Brazil
The iPanema sandal and flip flop collection is named after one of Brazil’s most colorful and famous beaches in the world. Spa Emilia and its customers love iPanema footwear for their comfort, and the latest designs and styles.
Chan Luu
Chan Luu is a contemporary brand offering unique handcrafted designer jewelry, scarves, and apparel made with high-quality materials. Spa Emilia offers a Chan Luu selection for clients who want to show off their style!
Dazzle Dry
Dazzle Dry is an eco-chic and vegan-friendly nail brand that is nontoxic. It dries quickly in 5 minutes and lasts longer than other nail lacquers. 
Vinylux Nail Lacquer
Vinylux is another chemical-free nail lacquer brand available at Spa Emilia.
Bio Seaweed Gel
Bio Seaweed Gel products are big-5 free with no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents. Nails are strengthened with this easy and healthy application. 
OPI is the world leader in the professional nail care industry. Spa Emilia has been using OPI nail lacquers for over 20 years and offers a large selection of more than 100 colors (available in both gel and regular lacquers) for clients to choose for their manicures and pedicures. 
Essie is another leader in the professional nail care industry. Spa Emilia offers a large selection of Essie nail lacquers for longer wear and luxurious gel-like shine. 
Light Elegance
Light Elegance hard gels are professional UV/LED nail products that are odorless, nonallergenic, and easy to apply to natural nails. This is a great alternative for people who use acrylics or have very weak, thin nails.